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Introduction of GIS and Remote Sensing

GIS Introduction, History and development of GIS, Types of GIS data, Spatial and non Spatial data, Fundamental understanding of Raster & Vector, GIS data capture and Visualization, Map scale & Projection System, Working with instrument like GPS , DGPS, TS, Drone and DEM/DTM/DSM.

Auto Map/QCAD

Introduction, Importance of AutoCAD in GIS industry, Create a AutoCAD file, Open, Save, Line, Poly line, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle etc, Modify-Trim, Extend, Break, Chamfer, Rotate, Move, Scale etc, Formatting of a Drawing: Line type, Unit, Thickness, Colour, etc, Edit, View of a Drawing: copy, Paste, Zoom, Pan, Redraw, View port, Display etc. Inserting Block, External Reference, Raster image, Format Styles; (Line, Point, Text, Dimension), Tools (Spelling, Display Order, Properties, Load Applications, Run Script), Draw (Block, Point, Hatch Boundary, Region, Text)Dimensions, Exporting, Drawing Utilities, Tool Options, Use of lisp , ARX and Live GIS Project work.


Introduction to MapInfo, File, Edit, Tools, query, Table, Data Types Used in MapInfo, Working with Layers, Layer Types, Working with Thematic Layers , Types of Thematic Maps, Using Workspaces, Selection through queries, Working, Selection of Map objects with Tables, Creating New Table, Drawing & Editing Commands, Labelling, Tool Manager, Image Registrations, Raster, Working in TABLE. Data Types Used in MapInfo, Relational and spatial databases, Spatial data, Maps and imagery and Feature Manipulation Engine (FME).

Vertical Mapper

Create Grid, DATA Analysis, Grid Manager, Colour, 3d view, Contour an tools.


Introduction to ArcGIS (Basic level), How use ARCGIS (INTERMEDIATE Level), Displaying and manipulating special information, Making a thematic map, Making a layout, Selecting and displaying features, Displaying and manipulating attribute data, Other data types, editing, projecting, Geo-processing Tools, GIS for powerful visualization of customer cluster, Geographic Coordinate System and Projected Coordinate System.

Global Mapper

: Introduction of GM, FILE open, Export and Import the, Raster, Image, GRID,ASCII, Vector, KML/KMZ, Mapinfo, PDF and EDT, View, GPS, Configuration & Projection etc.

Erdas Imagine

Introduction of Erdas, Image analysis Remote sensing and GIS, Support for optical panchromatic, Multispectral and hyperspectral imagery and LiDAR data, High- performance terrain preparation and mosaicking, Ability to convert maximum image formats into all major file formats Like GeoTIFF, JPEG, JPEG, ECW, Grid and MrSID and Data conversion, Orthorectification, Colour balancing, Mosaicking, compression and Lidar Editing and classification, Report generation and Terrian creation editing and analysis.

Survey Product

Introduction and Utilization of Survey instrument Like GPS, DGPS, TS, GPR, Drone and Lidar, Multi-core and distributed processing, Spatial modelling with raster, vector and point cloud operators, as well as real-time results preview